Sustainable Living

Hey everyone, I want to share this cool blog I found that is a great resource for sustainable living. First off I want to share with you a little bit about myself that I learnt recently.

So today I launched at my hair salon our Green Initiatives and how we are going to move forward as a green salon. I was talking with my mother in law last night about this and how I was so excited, but how I never really seen myself as a tree hugger or whatever. I care about the environment and some things just seem common sense. I do like to change how I eat and I have been on a mission to figure out some specific things about my diet etc but I have never tried full blown vegan.. a few other special diets but none that I thought were extreme… Then she said this to me.. I laughed so hard! “Well you have always had one foot in the pond…ever since we have known you, you have been sort of vegetarian and concerned about things that were very progressive in thought.”  Something I had never thought about before…. progressive. I guess a lot of my mindset has to do with the generation I have grown up in. We have always recycled. My Dad has been a big recycler his whole life that I have known. Even when he was the Mayor of Eston he made some green initiatives there and that was in the late eighty’s and early ninety’s. So what I am trying to get at is that it all just seems to be common sense. If there is a problem fix it… it is really that simple. Environmental, dietary, mindset… it is all relevant. So call me a hippy dippy, whatever I love my yoga, vegan ish foods and my recycling program. HA!

So here is the link to the blog

Some of the things I found interesting in this blog were

Food to Fuel, how cool is that? I know we throw a lot of food away!



Thanks for reading! Have a fab day! -Chantel

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